Taxi Service Deen has taken measures against the corona virus (COVID-19), for example, we have placed a separation screen in the taxi between the customer and driver. We disinfect the inside of the taxi after every ride. The driver wears a face mask. And if you do not have a mouth mask with you, you will receive one from us for free. So you can travel safely and carefree corona proof. Book your taxi to the test street. Taxi Service Deen has expanded its services with the transport of Covid patients (Corona taxi). We transport Corona patients to hospitals and healthcare institutions etc.
Additional corona guidelines apply to both driver and passenger. If you want to travel to a corona testing site by taxi, or you have complaints that match COVID-19 and need and for necessary travel.


Taxi to the test street. Do you book a taxi to the test street? Do not forget to book your return trip directly. Allow about 30 minutes for the drive in test for the return drive.
The test locations in Leiden and the surrounding area are:

Leiden - entrance Verbeekstraat at number 19-21. It is an indoor location, which means that you park and walk in. Follow the 'corona test location' signs from all directions to Verbeekstraat.
Katwijk - Valkenburg Airport: 1e Mientlaan 29, 2223 LG Katwijk, building 148. This is a walk-in.
Alphen aan den Rijn - Kalkovenweg 7.
Gouda - A drive-in test location in the parking garage of the GoStores, Doesburgweg 7 in Gouda.

U vervoer, goed betrouwbaar en snel geregeld!